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pet parent

This is the best grooming service in the SGV! Highly recommend to anyone who has an animal. Especially more than one. 



After arriving at your home, we will go over exactly what you are looking to get done for your pet.

Sydnee Ennes

Certified in CPR and Pet Grooming in 50 states and canada. 

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Whether your pet is just there for a bath or for a full haircut, we focus highly on quality and want you and your fur baby to feel great!

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Reese's Rainbow has changed my dogs life! He gets happy to see the van pull up in our driveway! 

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After your groom we would love to set an appointment for next time. 

About Reese's Rainbow


     Hi there! Welcome to Reese's Rainbow Mobile Grooming. 

Here we are focused on not only pleasing your pet, but pleasing you too! I have had many years of experience being a pet parent/groomer, and throughout the process, I have learned that a good groom can change a dogs life! Once a pup is pampered and treated with the utmost care and love, they feel good! ​​No more dirty matts stuck to the inside of their legs or pulling from their ears. They can be free! Wag their tail again and snuggle up next to you without getting kicked off the bed due to smell. All of this can be done for your pet without even leaving your home! Reese's Rainbow was designed to provide you a convenient way to get your pups needs taken care of, without any hassle to you. 

     Reese's Rainbow all started with a passion to groom and handsome pup named Reese. He was a one of a kind rescue that we found on the streets of Van Nuys, Ca.  We brought him into our home and he quickly made an impact on everyone he met. We gave him the best life we could offer him and for what I believe to be the first time in his life, Reese got to experience what love felt like. He had my heart all wrapped around his little paw. His head tilts, his pretty yellow eyes and the way he snuggled up next to me just made me feel so loved. He was the most peaceful dog in our home and I enjoyed every second I got to spend with him. 

     Unfortunately, four years after rescuing him, he passed away. This was a pain I had never felt before and something I didn't know how to cope with. 

     As time goes on, I continue to hold Reese close to my heart. That is why I chose to name this mobile salon after him. He will be that much closer to me everyday. Until we meet again...

     I love you Reese, wait for mommy at the Rainbow Bridge. 



Maria Garcia 

pet parent